About the photographer

Necia took an interest in photography after joining a blogging site, where she shared images of her weekend travels. Images from those outings can be seen on the ‘Fresh From God’ tab on this website. She continues to blog on a different site called Two Cameras. Her recent travels have taken her to Jerusalem.


In May 2009, Necia jumped into portrait photography. She enjoys working with people and enjoys helping people see that they are beautiful even when they don’t feel they are. She says it is a joy to see them become more confident as the shoot progresses. Necia believes that we are all ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ as it says in Psalm 139.


Necia was born in South Africa and grew up in the small town of Somerset East in the Eastern Cape , a close knit community in which her mother and father ran a joint business of floristry and photography.


Necia excelled in sports such as swimming, netball, athletics and tennis, but at 14 she was diagnosed with an incurable bone disease. Doctors said she'd be in a wheelchair by 21. That same year, while at a gospel concert, Necia committed her life to Jesus Christ. She was scheduled for a bone surgery that autumn but was deemed cured after praying for healing.


After school and several jobs, Necia married Richard, and together they heeded the call to move to Wales to minister in the land of Richard's birth. Today they serve as deacons at Siloam Baptist Church. Necia, who loves to sing and help others to enter in to worship, is the worship leader.